Apple Macbook Pro vs Macbook Air: Which one is better 2021

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Apple Macbook Pro vs Air: Which one is better? 2021

Macbook Pro vs Macbook Air

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Nothing gets a techie more excited than Apple products. Specifically, Macbook pro and Macbook Air can be the powerhouses of your productivity as they are ridiculously fast. Both

have the same M1 chips inside but Macbook Pro has some distinct features which make it a little bit better than   Macbook Air.


The M1 chips inside Macbook Pro and Air, totally changed the game as Apple is moving away from the Internal chips that used to run the Macbooks. It is now using its own Apple-designed Silicon M1 chips that make Macbook pro and Air really fast.

The price difference between the  two

The price of the Apple Macbook Pro starts at $1300 whereas Macbook Air starts at the price of $1000. You might be wondering what are the differences that justify the extra $300 that you will pay for Macbook Pro as compared to Macbook Air?

Let’s start with comparing both the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air so that you can easily figure out which Apple Macbook is best for you.


7 Reasons that’ll Help you decide Which Macbook is better

Choosing between Macbook Pro and Macbook Air is really tough because both consist of the same M1 silicon chip. But after going through the following inscription, you will be able to know which Macbook is best and made genuinely for you.

Pro vs Air MacBook


MacBook Pro has a cooling fan inside it that will do active cooling automatically. MacBook Pro has got a cooling fan in it, so it can give more sustainable performance over a long period of time.


The basic work that the cooling fan does is to cool down the chip when it is getting hot due to heavy work. So, if you are hitting the peak performance workloads and do this kind of heavy work in bulk on your laptop, the Macbook Pro is best for you.


If we talk about Macbook Air, it does not have a cooling fan. However, it has an identical peak performance as compared to Macbook Pro and has the ability to bear an intensive workload but may heat up more quickly than Macbook Pro due to lack of a cooling fan.


MacBook Air will provide you with less sustainable performance because it has not got a cooling fan. This means that if you do not have to do heavy work on your laptop you can go for Macbook Air.



MacBook Pro Battery
No one wants to face a situation where they have work to do and their laptop’s battery life gets consumed too early. Apple Macbooks have super long-lasting battery life that will make you amazed.

MacBook Pro can survive for 17 hours. It has 2 hours more battery life as compared to Macbook Air. Now a question may pop up in your mind that is these 2 hours more battery life enough to justify the 300$ Dollar that you will invest in Macbook Pro? Well, 2 hours more battery life is not a big deal for many.


However, people who value their time very much will find it reasonable to pay an extra $300 for the extra 2hours of battery life.


On the other hand, Macbook Air lasts for 15 hours. This is also a very long battery life. With this, you do not have to carry your charger with you all the time.


Besides, 15 hours of battery life and 17 hours of battery life do not make a big difference. So, if you have a low budget then you can choose Macbook Air over Macbook Pro.



Macbook Pro
Everyone has to travel now and then. Apple MAC’s are designed in a way that you will not have to worry about carrying one with you while travelling. They are lightweight and very portable.

In the case of the portability of the Macbook Pro, it is very easy to carry anywhere you want. Let it be coffee shops or beaches, you can easily take it with you. Though it is 90 grams heavier as compared to Macbook Air. But 90 grams do not make a huge difference. Both Macbook Pro and Macbook Air are very much portable and easy to carry.


MacBook Air is 90 grams lighter than Macbook Air. It is also very convenient when it comes to travelling from one place to another. Moreover, lightweight laptops are the best if you have to keep moving for work.



MacBook Pro Microphones
The Macbook Pro has studio-quality microphones. It means the Macbook pro has slightly better microphones in comparison with Macbook Air microphones. So, if you have to record podcasts or things similar to podcasts you can go for Macbook Pro as it has good quality microphones.

Moreover, with the studio-quality microphones, you will not have to worry to keep other microphones with you as Macbook Pro will give you high-quality performance.


Whereas the Macbook pro has the standard microphones. If you do not have to do much with microphones then Macbook Air will be enough for you. In addition to this, there is not a big difference in the microphones of Macbook Pro versus Macbook Air.


The speakers of the Macbook Pro are of better quality as compared to Macbook Air. So, if you like listening to music and similar stuff like songs and raps etc. and want the highest quality speakers, then you might like choosing Macbook Pro.


Speakers do not are a big concern for those who are not into music and stuff and do not listen to audio files. If you are this sort of person, Macbook Air is for you.

Screen Size and Brightness

Now let’s talk about the screen size and its brightness. MacBook Pro comes in two screen sizes. One has a 16 inches Apple Macbook Pro screen. And the other has 13.3 inches screen size similar to the Macbook Air.

MacBook Air View

The MacBook Pro has more screen luminance and brighter display as compared to the Macbook Air. It goes up to 500 nits. This means if you put the screen brightness to its maximum then you will be able to use your laptop outside and work easily on a sunny day in case you are outdoors.


MacBook Air has less screen luminance in comparison with Macbook Pro and goes up to 400nits. Usually, screen brightness does not make a huge difference however, it helps you a lot if you are trying to do work outdoors and glaring sunshine is falling on the laptop screen.


Touch Bar

MacBook Pro has a touch bar. Hence, if you are a fan of the touch bar you can go for Macbook Pro.


MacBook Air on the other side does not have a touch bar. If you get annoyed by the touch bar then go for Macbook Air.


Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of MacBook Pro versus Macbook Air are listed below:


Specs MacBook Pro MacBook Air
Price $1300 $1000
Screen Luminance 500 nits 400 nits
Battery life 17 hours 15 hours
Screen size 16 inches 13.3 inches
Touch bar Present Absent
Cooling Fan Present Absent
Memory 8GB 8GB
Storage 256GB 256GB
Processing Apple M1 Apple M1
Startup Drive SSD SSD



Pros and Cons of Macbook Pro vs MacBook Air

MacBook Pro vs Macbook air Pros & Cons


MacBook Pro

  • Can survive for 2 hours longer than Macbook Air
  • 100 nits extra screen brightness than Macbook Air
  • Better quality microphones
  • Better speakers
  • Has a cooling fan inside it
  • Gives high performance


MacBook Air

  • Can survive for a good period of time
  • Less costly as compared to Macbook Pro
  • Do not contain a touch bar
  • Lightweight as compared to Macbook Pro


MacBook Pro

  • A little expensive
  • Has a touch bar that may be annoying for most of you
  • 90 grams heavier than Macbook Air


MacBook Air

  • Do not contain a cooling fan
  • Also, battery life is less than Macbook pro
  • Less screen luminance



Apple whenever launches its new products it shocks everyone. And if we talk about Apple Macbook Pro and Apple Macbook Air, both are built with similar chips inside, and they both are powerhouses of the technical folks out there.


Slight differences make them distinct from one another otherwise, they are identical. If you are a person who does not work much on a laptop can go for Apple Macbook Air as it is fantastic. And Macbook Pro can be the best laptop for you if you have to do work on your laptop in bulk.


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