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HostGator Web Hosting Review

We are living in the modern world where business takes place more accurately on a computer than physically. For running a business online, whether it is a huge E-commerce idea or a small blogging business, it must require an accurate website where you can connect to your customers and provide services easily. Among many other available website hosts, HostGator Web Hosting is a well-known, reliable, consistent, and accurate host providing more than 100 domains and VPS options that will surely rate your site at the top position.


This is the company’s plans always ready to win viewer’s choices that make a high position in such crowded web hosting provides. Being created in 2002, the HostGator website is coming nicely with a 99-9% guarantee, 24/7 support to win the hearts of 400,000 customers. In comparison to other hosts, HostGator is costly, but it holds a reputation as the top host with 100% productivity. Here, we review all about the HostGator web server so you will be able to find the best for yourself.

HostGator Plans & Pros


99% uptime
45 days’ payment compensation guarantee
Fast customer services
Migration from one website to another is free of cost
Cheap cloud hosting services
Best for novice webmasters
Whippy billing schemes
24 hours customer support
Free SSL


High pay rates of monthly packages
Strenuous navigation based on knowledge
Long time to wait due to huge rush
Extra fee for login and modern security system


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HostGator Pricing

The first and top service provided by HostGator is cheap shared web hosting which is a web covering the number of sites on a single place (server) with a big thing that site A can affect on-site B if traffic surge is seen on site A. A one-month plan is offered in shared hosting that can be big support for small-scale businesses offering Linux-based shared hosting ideas with one website and free domain taking a start with an investment of $2.75 on monthly basis.


The first simple plan is a baby plan which works along with a hatching plan with unlimited domains. The hatching plan is for people taking solo flights in web hosting at a cheaper rate than other starter plans of several servers. HostGator provides a hatching scheme that will also give the option to take $150 on Google Ads.

The third scheme has first-rate features are offered in the business package of shared hosting by HostGator. Payments are offered at the spot on e-commerce because of SSL and accurate IP address. One issue is seen in the shared web hosting plan that is a long-time sign-up process that may get long up to six months. But in front of high-grade schemes, this issue of long time taking is kicked out of the park

Host Gator Packages

VPS Plans of HostGatorHere HostGator holds additional hosting options in form of VPS and cloud sharing plans.

The cherry on the cake is put by VPS plans of HostGator that puts 100% hosting control into the user’s hand. Being costlier than a shared hosting server as it starts from $19.90/month, the Linux-based VPS hosting also provides more server options than shared hosting with a flexible range. VPS basic plan option has 2 GB RAM and 120 GB disk space in the price range of $75-$80.

Intermediate Snappy 4000 plans have 4 GB RAM, 16 GB storage with 2 TB data transfers on monthly basis for $119.95 or a cheap rate of $30. Snappy 8000 being the top-ranked plan provides 240 GB disk space, 8 GB RAM, and 3 TB data in $150.
There is one problem that it may get difficult to operate and maintain but HostGator has solved this mystery with its fully maintained VPS scheming system with advanced technology.

Cloud hosting

With other great services, the HostGator website is also known to give attractive cloud hosting services enabling you to scale resources by just one click in traffic load with multiple approaches not being restricted to a physical server. Although it is available through Linux, yet HostGator offers economic cloud hosting which starts from $10.95 for one month. This will provide you with an option to host a website on multiple servers. HostGator’s cloud sharing plans are available in multiple price ranges. The cloud hosting available at $12.95 includes 2 GB RAM, one domain, two CPUs, and limitless storage options.

Baby Cloud Plan being available for $13.95/month give unlimited domains, 4 cores of CPU, and 4 GB RAM. The foremost offer is available in $19.95/month named as Business Cloud plan which you can take for a large business setup as it offers six CPU cores, 48 GB RAM, unmatched domains, and IP address. Cloud hosting of HostGator has a marvellous functioning rate because it comes with multiple qualities that include; multiple copies of data, a good server, and high-quality hardware.

WordPress Web Hosting

HostGator provides installation of WordPress CMS on any of them. There are three main HostGator web hosting plans; starter, standard, and business plans with starting charges of $14.95, $20.95, and $27.95 per month respectively. The initial scale plan does offer 25,000 Visits with 50 GB storage and unlimited email service. The standard plan includes 200,000 visits and 150 GB RAM while the last one named the business plan offers you 300,000 visits and millions of email and storage options. HostGator is one of the Editor’s Choice hosting services as it offers three tires ranked as Lite, Swift, and Turbo tires with unlimited data and storage options. For beginners, it is very easy to build WordPress on HostGator as it provides a complete initial guide via email.

Wordpress Webhosting HostGator

Dedicated Hosting

A web hosting that magnifies a site getting reliable on the server by itself all alone is dedicated hosting. Although it is expensive, yet the most powerful even in traffic load. The HostGator web hosting fees start from  $119 offering multiple key points by the site having 32 GB RAM, unmatched free monthly data with versatile bandwidth. HostGator stands well with good package ranges and competes with Linux easily.

Operational features

When you are creating a new website, HostGator web hosting always sends a set-about email to all resources to make you familiar with the start-up process. A login link is present at top of the site that makes ways to the customer portal. The customer portal shows all information regarding billing payment, plan details, and purchase lists. A hosting tab is also provided by HostGator which indicates the actual control panel along with other applications, statistical information, and basic tools.

The HostGator review shows that introductory email is different from hosting web where one can get confused easily. One blessing provided by HostGator is the migration policy that provides domain name without any hidden charges when you get signed for 12 months on the hosting server but not provided on VPS hosting. Your domain must,.org, extensions which will be free transfer to the server by HostGator.

Marvellous Uptime outcomes

Another important feature is the uptime limit of the website that must be in a good range for topmost hosting service. When uptime gets down, then your products will become difficult to find on the website. We have conducted lab testing and HostGator Review indicates that it is stable for more than two weeks, if it gets down for seconds, an immediate email is sent to the website owner.

Additional security options

With the theme of ”your privacy our priority”, HostGator being slightly costly, tries to balance these charges by providing extra security features to monitor your site with an option of SiteLock. If any hack, spam, or potential error is seen in the inbox or any other place, the service will update you instantly as it works all the time. But you have to pay some extra charges with SiteLock and modern locking systems if you want to include them on your website.

Customer services

HostGator provides advanced customer support working actively day and night with the technical team at the right hand of the control panel. One additional feature is the availability of support assistants through the toll-free customer number of the site.

Backup facility

HostGator web hosting server provides automatic backups on weekly basis but if you want to back up your whole data go for manual backups. If you want to work on the experienced old version, there is no worry as restore options are also offered at every point to move to old versions of contents.


Above after making a comprehensive review about HostGator website builder, we can say that it is a simple, easy-to-operate, and quick builder for beginners and professional business runners with top quality shared web hosting. It offers plans for professional enterprises, but they may cost slightly more but offers versatile functionality.
One thing is disturbing that is the unavailability of modern security systems and updated login security but old-aged simple security services are free to use. HostGator also offers a money-back guarantee for more than one month.
And the one-line conclusion is that if someone tries to run a small business or for a large-scale business, HostGator is the right option for you.

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